Coir Mattress

Coir Mattress vs Foam Mattress – Which is the best for back pain?

Back pain is a common medical issue in today’s age. Millions of people are suffering from chronic back pain due to various reasons. A very hectic physical work schedule, stress,…

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ortho mattress

What is an ortho mattress? Learn about the advantages and disadvantages

With so many mattresses available nowadays, people are often confused and find it difficult to choose the best mattress for their use. We have seen people using memory foam, spring,…

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foam mattress

Which foam mattresses should one invest in asap?

The quality of your sleep has an impact on your overall health. Your sleep depends on the quality of the foam mattresses you use. If you use the wrong mattress,…

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Which is the best foam mattress in India

The goodness of memory foam has wooed us all. We are all drooling over its features like motion isolation, body conformity, pressure point prevention, temperature neutrality, spinal alignment and so…

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Cooling Technologies in Mattresses 101

Are you waking up in a sweat every night, or just finding it difficult to fall asleep during this hot summer? Do you feel that your partner is shedding heat,…

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