mattress height

How does the mattress height matter?

After a hard day at work, is there any better feeling than climbing into your luxurious bed? We bet there is none. Resting your body in a blissful and soft…

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foam mattress

Top 5 Reasons why you must shop for a memory foam mattress from Wakefit?

Do you often feel back pain or muscle ache? It can be because of the mattress you are using. Yes! It goes without saying that the quality of your mattress…

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New Mattress

Top 5 Things To Consider When Buying a New Mattress in 2020

When you want to buy a new mattress, you must prioritize your needs and preferences. Every individual has unique needs and based on that, a mattress must be bought. If…

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foam mattress online

How to choose the best full-size foam mattress online?

Buying a brand new mattress can be really confusing and a very important decision to take. You can never achieve a good night’s sleep if you don’t own the right…

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best foam mattress

Natural Latex Vs Memory Foam Mattress

Introduction Out of the different types of mattresses available online, the two most popular types are memory foam and Natural Latex Mattress. This article shows you the difference between memory…

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innerspring vs foam mattress

What makes Memory Foam Better Than Innerspring Mattress?

Introduction A mattress speaks a lot about your personality. Out of the various types of mattresses available in the market, innerspring and memory foam mattresses capture the lion’s share of…

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foam vs coir vs spring mattress

Which Suits You Better – Spring Mattress or Foam?

Have you been researching for the best mattress? You must have come across the three most commonly available mattresses in the country and gone through several comparisons of spring vs…

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