Coir Mattress vs Foam Mattress – Which is the best for back pain?

Coir Mattress

Back pain is a common medical issue in today’s age. Millions of people are suffering from chronic back pain due to various reasons. A very hectic physical work schedule, stress, wrong body posture are some of the reasons to blame. At the same time, there’s one reason which is often overlooked by a lot of people and it is the quality of their mattress. You can experience very terrible back pain if you keep using a weak and old mattress. That is why you need a good quality foam mattress or a one made of coir to support your body.

Sleeping in an uncomfortable position for 6-7 hours regularly has a very serious effect. When you can sleep peacefully in a good and convenient position, your body rests well.

Having a sound sleep at night allows you to wake up with a positive mood and full of energy the next day. A full-size foam mattress of the best quality makes sure that you can sleep without any discomfort. Both coir and memory foam are the two most popular materials that are used to make mattresses in India.

So, which one of these two materials are you going to choose for your mattress to avoid back pain? Let’s talk about that in detail.

Why Choose Coir Mattress For Back Pain?

Mattress For Back Pain

Coir fiber is mostly made up of coconut coir. It is collected from coconut shells and that is why it is also known as coconut coir. The fiber is used in the middle and upper sheets of the mattress. This delivers a tough and more supportive/softer feel based on the density.

Coir fiber mattresses are affordable and very much eco-friendly. So, you can use them without the risk of any off-gassing or chemical. People who cannot withstand the smell of petrochemicals and synthetic materials, usually prefer coir mattress. For the best mattress price, you can check the website of top brands.

How does it aid back pain?

A lot of mattress brands in India use coir as the primary material in order to make mattresses for back pain. Rubberized coir mattresses, as we already mentioned, are made of natural fiber. These are firm and breathable. That is why they can deliver adequate support to the body. Due to the porous nature, a coir mattress can facilitate the passage of air both in and out. It also provides a cooler sleeping surface also.

People who are suffering from back pain can get quite a relief by using coir mattress. They get rigid support. Since the material offers firm support, your spine is aligned perfectly. As a result, you can attain the proper sleep posture. Coir mattresses deliver amazing rigidity and softness over a firm & supportive surface.

Why Choose Memory Foam For Back Pain?

Memory Foam For Back Pain

Memory foam is much more advanced than coir fiber. It is made of synthetic compounds that are derived from petrochemicals. Memory foam comes with significant other benefits as well. A memory foam mattress can easily cushion around your body when you sleep. But, it comes back to its original shape as soon as you get up from it. This feature of memory foam is also known as viscoelasticity.

How does it aid back pain?

It has been tested and proven they memory foam can deliver comfortable relief to back pain. When you lie down on memory foam, it can evenly distribute your body weight over the surface. Thus, creating a perfect balance between cushioning and firmness. These two aspects deliver rigid support to the back. You will see that wakefit mattress made of memory foam, is often recommended by experts.

The smooth adjustment to the body helps to minimize back pain over time and you feel more comfortable around the shoulder & neck. A major reason why people prefer to use memory foam is that it is much more durable. A coir mattress can last for 5-6 years at the most. But, a high-quality memory foam mattress lasts for more than 8-10 years easily. So, it is a better value for money purchase.

Did you read the blog until this point? Then you are now well aware of how coir and memory foam can help you to get relief from back pain. Whether you use a full-size foam mattress or one made of coir, you are bound to get relief.

full-size foam mattress

Final Words – in the battle between which material offers better relief from back pain, both coir and memory foam wins. Both the materials come with their own set of unique features and benefits that you can enjoy. However, the memory foam mattress can be your favourite choice with respect to its durability and advanced features. Check out the top Wakefit mattresses that are available at their website.

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