Cooling Technologies in Mattresses 101

Are you waking up in a sweat every night, or just finding it difficult to fall asleep during this hot summer? Do you feel that your partner is shedding heat, making it difficult for you to get proper sleep? Read the Complete Guidelines about Mattresses 101.

Some people are naturally hot sleepers since their bodies radiate heat; however, with a bit of research, it is not difficult to find the best mattress for summer.

You would need to get into the construction of the mattress to understand the layers that give it the cooling abilities.

There are mattresses that are specifically designed for people who find it difficult to deduce the right temperature to fall asleep at night. The options are several, and the market for this is huge.

Here is our helpful guide to knowing which is the best mattress for sleeping in summer and what materials make it so.

1. Coils & Springs

The most traditional of all mattress materials, coils and springs are well-known for being cooler mattresses. The coils are either stacked on top of each other or are all interconnected.

Coir Mattress

In most cases, the mattresses have coils in the support layer and often have layers of foam placed on top of them to give them a bounce along with the spring.

Coils are known for their heat reduction capabilities as there is a lot of airflow through the mattress.

Depending on your preference, this could be the best mattress for summer. However, the durability of these mattresses is a major concern, and so, we would suggest you have a look at other alternatives that are far more superior both in terms of comfort & support as well as longevity. 

2. Latex

Latex Mattress

Speaking of alternatives, and considering that you are open to online mattress shopping, latex foam mattresses could be a good option.

Even though they are relatively more expensive than other available mattresses, they have several amazing qualities, especially durability.

But what latex mattresses are most known for are their ability to conduct heat which means that they generally retain a comfortable temperature.

They also have many holes and a range of aeration techniques, making them a good option for hypoallergenic mattress online shopping offers.


3. Bamboo

Bamboo mattresses have gained popularity in the last few years. They are durable and hypoallergenic while being made out of completely natural materials. They are breathable, gentle and extremely light, giving you the feeling of sleeping on a fluffy, comfortable cloud!

A breathable bamboo mattress is the one you should be looking for if heat retention is a worry that literally keeps you up at night. 

4. Gel Foam

While not all gel foam mattresses are great for maintaining cool temperatures, some do work well in maintaining a consistent temperature of your mattress. The heat conduction ability of a gel mattress is similar to that of water.

The gel foam can take in heat to an extent before it starts to heat up, giving you a reasonable time to adjust to a certain temperature before it starts retaining heat.

Many gel foam mattresses that are infused with other materials like graphite and copper, can slow down the heat conduction.

5. Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses were traditionally not a suitable option for people who sleep hot. However, brands have taken measures to experiment and innovate technologies that have helped these mattresses overcome this challenge of heating up.

These are great as an ortho mattress material, and with technology like open-cell designs and gel infusions, memory foam mattresses can now be suitable for the summer.

You can find the best memory foam mattress in India from Wakefit. They are perfect for your back and spinal issues, along with being cool and comfortable for the summer.

To Conclude,

Now that you are aware of the various options while looking for a mattress during the summer season, you can find your preference just by a google search. So, what are you waiting for? A long peaceful night of sleep is just a couple of clicks away!

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