mattress height

How does the mattress height matter?

After a hard day at work, is there any better feeling than climbing into your luxurious bed? We bet there is none. Resting your body in a blissful and soft…

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custom size mattress

Planning to buy a custom size mattress? Here are the things to consider

When we are talking about buying a brand new mattress, an individual needs to put all their needs and preferences on the table. Without the knowledge of your own preferences,…

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Coir Mattress

Coir Mattress vs Foam Mattress – Which is the best for back pain?

Back pain is a common medical issue in today’s age. Millions of people are suffering from chronic back pain due to various reasons. A very hectic physical work schedule, stress,…

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Memory Foam Mattress

Does A Memory Foam Mattress Need a Box-spring

A mattress is the most important choice when it comes to your health. When you get quality sleep, you notice that you feel more rejuvenated and energetic and have lesser…

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Perfect Pillow

Get the beautiful dream with the Perfect Pillow

As you already know that in order to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle, it is essential for you to sleep adequately every day. Without the right amount of sleep,…

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foam mattress

Top 5 Reasons why you must shop for a memory foam mattress from Wakefit?

Do you often feel back pain or muscle ache? It can be because of the mattress you are using. Yes! It goes without saying that the quality of your mattress…

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New Mattress

Top 5 Things To Consider When Buying a New Mattress in 2020

When you want to buy a new mattress, you must prioritize your needs and preferences. Every individual has unique needs and based on that, a mattress must be bought. If…

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foam mattress online

How to choose the best full-size foam mattress online?

Buying a brand new mattress can be really confusing and a very important decision to take. You can never achieve a good night’s sleep if you don’t own the right…

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best foam mattress

Which is the best foam mattress in India

The goodness of memory foam has wooed us all. We are all drooling over its features like motion isolation, body conformity, pressure point prevention, temperature neutrality, spinal alignment and so…

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ortho mattress

What is an ortho mattress? Learn about the advantages and disadvantages

With so many mattresses available nowadays, people are often confused and find it difficult to choose the best mattress for their use. We have seen people using memory foam, spring,…

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